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Benchmark ESG® is Excited to Welcome Arrow Electronics as a New Subscriber 

Benchmark Digital Relations

Benchmark Digital Partners, a leading software solution provider for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), is thrilled to announce that Arrow Electronics, Inc. (Arrow Electronics) has joined the Benchmark ESG® global subscriber group.

Founded in 1935, as a retail store named Arrow Radio that sold used radios and parts to its retail customers, Arrow Electronics has expanded its portfolio to be a global provider of technology products, services, and solutions, guiding over 220,000 of the world’s leading technology manufacturers and service providers. As a global leader in IT distribution, Arrow Electronics supports its customers in industrial and commercial markets with electronic components, technology platform solutions, enterprise computing solutions, and intelligent solutions.

By implementing the Benchmark ESG® cloud-based Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) software platform, Arrow Electronics can leverage the power of data to assign responsibilities, better manage work documents, simplify tracking behavior-based-safety (BBS) observations using defined risk categories. With Benchmark’s easy-to-implement software and solutions, teams at Arrow Electronics will now be able to digitally monitor and transform their compliance management process and make informed decisions to drive enterprise-wide improvements in meeting their compliance and sustainability needs.

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